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The following is a list of action items that have occurred within the Forum Estates Community within Jun - Aug 2010:


1. Two Lane Turn Forum Drive - Based on the street widening expansion of turn lanes from Forum Drive onto Mayfield heading west, turn signals notated on pavement as well as mast placed on traffic signal.

2. I-360 North ? TXDoT (Texas Department of Transportation) placed berm headed north on I-360 to alleviate traffic exiting prior to Mayfield exit ramp. Based on current flow of exiting traffic, request has been placed to extend the berm beyond the current barrier to avoid traffic exiting further back off the freeway. This request is in review and subsequently will not be placed for follow up until after September 8, 2010.

3. No Panhandling Signage ? No Panhandling Signage placed at the intersection of I-360 & Mayfield.

4. Street Lights Corner of Forum Drive & Mayfield ? There are two street lights located at the corner of Forum Drive & Mayfield that are part of the traffic signal. These lights are maintained by the City of Grand Prairie versus Oncor. A request has been placed to have these street lights in operation; city working with contractor to resolve issue. If lights are not in operation by September 9, 2010, will follow up with City of Grand Prairie for resolution.

5. 18-Wheeler Truck on Parham ? Have continued to work with City of Grand Prairie to alleviate 18-Wheeler trucks parking within our community.

6. Greenbelt: Sequoia Forum Apartments ? Discussions have occurred with homeowner?s affected by the greenbelt regarding moving their back fences up to the property line of the Sequoia Forum Apartments to alleviate the open space behind these homeowner?s homes and the Sequoia Forum Apartments. Contact has been made with the appropriate personnel to serve as a liason between the Forum Estates PID and owners of the Sequoia Forum Apartments. The owners will not be available for discussion until after September 8, 2010. Upon reengagement regarding this item, we will keep you abreast of the progress.

7. Lone Star Meadows Annexation ? Board members are currently discussing with Lone Star Meadows their desire to annex with the Forum Estates PID.

8. Master Plan for Forum Estates ? Discussions with Board Members regarding Master Plan Projects.

9. Security Patrol: Currently moving forward to have off duty police officers for patrol within the Forum Estates Community. Based on the level of service for this value add for our community, the current proposed budget for security for the 2011 Fiscal Year will have to be increased. Meeting scheduled for August 31, 2010.

September 1, 2010, 10:07 pm


News In The Forum Estates


Our Forum Estates PID continues to establish a strong presence. A combination of elements including landscaping, lighting, signage and security is the first line of strength and support you'll begin to see in our Forum Estates community.

The Forum Estates board members plan to meet in July to finalize a master plan which will ultimately pass to the City Council for final approval. Some of the things you will begin to notice over the coming months will be.......

North median on GSW Parkway at Forum

A cluster of crape myrtle in the tapered portion of the median 8 Shumard Oaks planted at a 40-45' spacing (although superior to most Red Oaks...Shumard is also known as Shumard Red Oak or Southern Red Oak...the Shumard grows moderately fast and produces acorns every 2-4 years) A double sided lit sign marking the entryway of the Forum Estates with ornamental shrubs on wither end and flowering beds in front and back of the signage

South median on GSW Parkway at Forum

A cluster of crape myrtle in the tapered portion of the median A double sided lit sign marking the entryway of the Forum Estates with ornamental shrubs on wither end and flowering beds in front and back of the signage 7 Shumard Oaks at a 40-45' spacing Median on Forum at GSW Parkway...will offer the same as above Median on Forum at Mayfield...will off the same as above

South median on GSW Parkway at Mayfield will carry a double sided lit sign...flowering beds...crape myrtles and Shumard Oaks... North median on GSW Parkway at Prairie Creek will display the same lit signage accented with flowering beds...crape myrtles and Shumard Oaks...

All other median will get the same treatment as above without the use of signage and flowering beds. Shumard Oaks will grace the right of ways

June 16, 2005, 6:54 pm


Neighborhood Protection...


Did you know that the Forum Estates is the only PID that has hired a licensed security firm to patrol their neighborhood? Absolute security officers utilize an efficient high tech bar code system. Bar codes are strategically place throughout our neighborhoods. The officer on duty is required to enter individual neighborhoods and scan each bar code. Incident reports are generated as a result and their patrols are adjusted according to the indications of higher crime areas.

Our Forum Estates board members continue to look out for our best interests and in cooperation with our Security firm encourage each of us to ALWAYS leave house lights lit at night.

If you see suspicious activity or are a victim of a crime that you'd like to report...PLEASE DO NOT CALL ABSOLUTE SECURITY...DIAL 911

June 4, 2005, 10:58 pm


Cimmaron Estates...


Did you know that you can create a neighborhood watch program for an area as small as one block. Shawn Connor is doing more than that. He is taking on the entire Cimmaron Estates area. Watch for further information. National Night Out is a crime and drug prevention event sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch. If you would like to have questions for Shawn... contact him at

If you would like information on organizing a Crime Watch Program for your area contact Dennis Porter at 972 237-8844 or email him New Cimmaron Estates Newsletter Check out the updated Cimmaron Estates Newsletter...Click here

September 1, 2010, 10:01 pm


Our Councilman...


Dick Fregoe is always proactive when it comes to looking out for and involving the citizens of Grand Prairie with opportunities for communication and community awareness.

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT August 5th is National Night Out. "Shawn Connor of Cimmaron Estates will be hosting meetings of which I will be attending" Fregoe says. Come on out...have fun...get to know each other. After all it is about being aware.

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES The Public Works Dept. anticipates the implementation of a city wide brush pick up for residential customers on September 1, 2003 "The city is now equipped to pick up brush items you are not able to bundle in 4 foot section". Look for more information in your September water bill.

TOWN HALL MEETINGS "I want to say Thank You to everyone who came to my Town Hall meetings at Traders Village and the Ruthe Jackson Center. It was extremely well attended and as always achieved it's purpose...the lively exchange of information and ideas between citizens and city staff. I have been holding these meeting throughout my tenure and have no doubt of the significant value it brings just in promoting communication with my constituents" "My next Town Meeting will probably be in the fall. Call me with your input and suggestions for upcoming agendas" In fact, for those of you with unresolved issues with city services I'm inviting you to 'ASK ME'_I'd love to hear from you either by phone_972 641-2981 or by fax_972 641-2069 If You Ask...I Will Respond

September 1, 2010, 10:03 pm


Top 10 List as of June 2005


Here are the top 10 Forum Estates Police calls for April...May...June...

Number of Calls

Type of Calls

26 Noise Complaints

19 Routine Drive By

19 Disturbance In Progress

18 Theft Not In Progress

17 Family Disturbance

14 Vandalism Not In Progress

12 Disturbance Not In Progress

10 Minor Accidents

10 Burglary/Motor Vehicle

9 Suspicious Person or Circumstances

We can all help...Get to know your neighbors...Keep a watchful eye on their home and their property...Leave porch and pathway lights lit at night...Better yet...install motion lights...Make it a habit of locking car doors and pulling down garage doors...

September 1, 2010, 10:08 pm