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Welcome to Forum Estates PID!!
Thank you for stopping by to check us out. The Forum Estates community is comprised of many subdivisions. Our web site is full of information to help you better understand all the who's, what's, where's, when's and how's of our community. Take a few moments to look at our site and if you have any questions, comments or anything to share, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to share your thoughts.

What is a PID ?
What is a PID ? A PID (Public Improvement District) is an area of landowners who self tax themselves for the overall improvement of the area. The Forum Estates PID is roughly bounded by Mayfield Rd on the north, Hwy 360 on the west (minus apartment complexes), Prairie Creek on the south, and the county line to the east. Check our map for location.

When/How was it created
The PID was created through a petition process that was signed by over 50% of the landowners in both acreage and value. It was verified and approved through the City of Grand Prairie in October 2001. First taxation took place in the tax collection of January 2002

Who runs it ?
A board made up of citizens from within the PID directs the expenditures of the PID for various improvements or services. A Management firm is used to contract vendors, monitor services, pay bills, provide accounting functions.

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